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Big News for GSTA members!!!

It has always been said that '' Hard work pays ''. The GSTA through its Manager Francois Abley, is underway, very soon, to formalize a partnership with one of the top financial personnality in the francophone world, in the person of Karen Peloille, who is an international expert on the Ichimoku system indicator, recognized by its pairs. Karen Peloille is considered one of the living legends in her trading style focused only on the Ichimoku Clouds system.

It should be known first of all that Karen. P, is a Professor of financial econometrics (statistics applied the financial economy), which therefore decided to apply its scientific nature and observation to the financial market and this since the beginning of the years 1990. With almost 30 years of experience in the financial markets, it now manages a private investor portfolio valued at a few million euros. She therefore considered as a private Hedge Fund Manager to date. Karen Peloille is American of French origin and live between the USA, France, as well as Australia.

She gives more than 20 seminars per year between the four corners of the globe in big rooms that refuse some people quite often; and this every year for 15 years now. Karen Peloille was trained on the Ichimoku indicator system in Japan, in trading floor, in 2007-2008, which makes her the most credible person in the field of technical analysis, using this system, in the francophone sphere. On the occasion of the officialization on the release of her book on the system of Ichimoku ''Twice Clouds'', Karen. P has therefore decided to come in the Canadian market, anglophone, through the GSTA where there are several and most of its fans francophone (French Canadian).

So it's an immense opportunity that we measure the weight due to the exposure certainly global, and that we will shoot with great advantage. The Canadian area of financial market is still a very conservative market tied to the traditional investment but not speculation; that's why we have the chance to discover and the opportunity to take advantage of a person like Karen. P in order to definitively clean up our trading ideas and vision in the financial markets with a popular but poorly understood technical system and used in most financial professionals.

The GSTA has always claimed to have a fundamental and macroeconomic approach to financial markets, and with the technical and institutional contribution of Karen. P, this will undoubtedly give another dimension to our Academy, for the greatest happiness of the services offered by this partnership. The Ichimoku system, a new dimension that Karen Peloille, democratizes through her website, and through the GSTA, is a summary of her 30 years of experience in the markets. It is therefore not known to the general public but only within a privileged category of private traders and analysts. Karen Peloille therefore innovates with this system of updating potential future movements in the present. In other words, this makes it possible to better identify and understand the points of equilibrium or inflection of the market or the asset concerned.

It's like, you assemble three units of timeframe into one chart. The result can just only be amazing! Moreover, this system also justifies, the convergence of flows on an asset, either the passing from buyers to sellers or vice-versa; and the flow convergence approach, is a used approach of the GSTA, which so far was used according to three well-defined time units; which means that with this new system innovated by Karen, we will have the multi-dimensional vision at a glance. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo rightly claims, as being the clear vision of the market balance at a glance on a one screen chart of course; but with this technical innovation of the market proposed by Karen, we will have the market balance in multi-dimension, and this at a glance. It's just revolutionary!

We are very pleased with this partnership which is being finalized and in the meantime we recommend all of you, to consult the site Karen Peloille that you will find at the bottom of the article and also to seek massively to get you her book that demonstrates everything from A to Z! We will also put you at the bottom of the article where to find her book. You will be informed of the evolution of this partnership over the next few days!



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